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Abstract #1896

IRON imaging of magnetoelectroporated mesenchymal stem cells in a rabbit hindlimb ischemia model

Hofmann L, Kraitchman D, Stuber M, Crawford D, Gilson W, Bulte J, Kedziorek D
Johns Hopkins University

The goal of the current study was to implement two new methods: magnetoelectroporation and IRON water suppression imaging for the delivery and tracking of mesenchymal stem cells in a rabbit model of hindlimb ischemia.. The MSCs therapy is an option for a treatment for patients with intermittent claudication (IC) or chronic limb ischemia due to infrainguinal peripheral arterial disease PAD. Prior to transplantation into rabbit thigh muscle, the bone-marrow derived MSCs were labeled with iron, using magnetoelectroporation procedure. To track these cells in vivo, we have used the IRON method and we have compared it with traditional FSE images.