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Abstract #1898

Variable Density Excitation Pulses in One-Shot Fourier Velocity Encoding for Valve Flow Imaging

Kerr A, Santos J, Lee D, DiCarlo J, Pauly J
Stanford University

Measurement of peak valve flow is important in diagnosing aortic and mitral stenosis. Since it doesnt suffer from partial volume effects, one-shot Fourier velocity encoding (FVE) has been shown to be an effective way of acquiring a velocity distribution in real-time. Reducing readout time by traversing k-space with variable sampling density is advantageous in its higher temporal resolution, insensitivity to off-resonance and field inhomogeneity. Similarly, we can adopt variable density in excitation k-space. In valve flow imaging, a variable density approach improves the contrast of the velocity spectrum by achieving a narrow cylinder with suppressed and incoherent sidelobes in a shorter time.