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Abstract #1901

Transtenotic pressure gradient measurements using Phase Contrast Vastly Undersampled Projection Imaging (PC-VIPR) in a Canine Model

Pulfer K, Turski P, Mistretta C, Niemann D, Turk A, Johnson K
University of Wisconsin-Madison

We have previously reported on a novel MR based imaging sequence, PC-VIPR which can acquire velocity encoded images at speeds up to 50 times that of standard Cartesian imaging by means of angular undersampling. Recently we have been able to utilize this sequence to calculate pressure changes across areas of stenosis from the image data. In this study, we evaluate the ability of PC-VIPR to ascertain transstenotic pressure gradients across carotid stenoses in a canine model. In the evaluation of 20 carotid stenoses PC VIPR measurements were well correlated with invasive catheter based measurements(R=0.75), when the degree of stenosis is less than 70%.