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Abstract #1905

Adaptive Navigator Gated Time-Resolved 3D MR Velocity Mapping at 3T: Assessment of Normal and Pathological Vascular Anatomy and Blood Flow

Zaitsev M, Markl M, Frydrychowicz A, Jung B, Hennig J
University Hospital Freiburg

An image acquisition and data processing strategy is presented for the assessment of vascular geometry and 3D blood flow based on optimized respiration control, imaging at 3T and advanced 3D visualization. Phase Contrast-MR Angiography data, morphological information and spatially co-registered vascular hemodynamics are derived from the same data set for computer aided 3D visualization of global and local blood flow patterns. Results from volunteer and patient studies illustrate the potential of time-resolved 3D MR velocity mapping for the simultaneous assessment of 3D vascular anatomy and identification of normal and pathological 3D blood flow characteristics in the thoracic aorta.