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Abstract #1911

4D phase contrast imaging for the assessment of morphology and haemodynamics in peripheral arteries: feasibility results from a 3T MR system

Winterer J, Frydrychowicz A, Hennig J, Langer M, Markl M
University Hospital Freiburg

In this feasibility study we applied time-resolved 3D and 3-directional phase contrast MRI at 3T to iliac and femoral arteries in order to utilize the simultaneously available functional (three-directional blood flow velocities over the entire cardiac cycle) and anatomical information (3D magnitude images) for integration of haemodynamic features into 3D morphological imaging. Advanced data processing permits 3D visualization of the measured haemodynamic information. All results were compared to vascular US. Data from volunteers and a patient with PAOD is displayed for demonstration of the potential of this technique for the evaluation of global and local blood flow characteristics and pathologically altered vascular hemodynamics