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Abstract #1914

A noninvasive technique to evaluate intracranial compliance and pressure using MR flow quantification and inverse circuit analysis

Honda M, Muro I, Kuroda K, Kanno T, Oshio K, Maruhashi K, Tanabe Y, Matsumae M
Tokai University Hospital

A noninvasive technique to evaluate intracranical pressure (ICP) and compliance (ICC) based on MR flow measurements and an inverse analysis of inductively coupled electrical circuits, modeling blood and cerebrospinal fluid (CSF) flows in the brain, was devised. Numerical simulations followed by experiments using a brain-circulation-mimicking phantom confirmed that the proposed technique yielded relative indices of ICP and ICC. Studies using 26 healthy volunteers (22-63 years old) and 10 patient volunteers (27-69 years old) revealed that healthy and patient groups could be mapped for significantly different regions using the two-dimensional space formed by the indices.