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Abstract #1927

Tracking Micron Sized Particles as a Means to Validate Bacterial Motion in Flowing Tubes

Haacke E, Auner G, Smolinski J, Chen C, Ramnath h, Cheng Y, Shen Y
Wayne State university, Wayne State university

Water containing as low as 100 bacteria per liter is considered to be contaminated and it is necessary to identify the presence of Escherichia coli (E. coli) bacteria before they are being consumed. The main motivation of the research is to improve the sensitivity and the specificity of the Ecoli biosensor. In order to achieve this we have used Magnetic resonance imaging in conjunction with commercial CFD software to track the path taken by bacteria along the flow channel. This priori knowledge will help us in positioning the sensor arrays in the channel at the position of vantage, thereby improving its detecting capabilities.