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Abstract #1933

Feasibility of quantitative analysis of non-contrast-enhanced MRDSA using ECG-gated two-dimensional half-Fourier FSE for the assessment of peripheral vascular diseases

Nakamura K, Yamamoto A, Kuroki K, Hiramine A, Miyazaki M, Matsufuji Y
Tobata Kyoritsu Hospital

A 2D non-contrast-enhanced MR digital subtraction angiography (MRDSA) technique using ECG-gated 2D half-Fourier FSE is reported, which employs a flow void phenomenon of pulsatile flow and provides DSA-like images. In this study, we assess quantitative analysis of non-contrast enhanced MRDSA on peripheral arterial diseases. According to the grade of stenosis, starting time of arterial signal decrease was significantly delayed, which was thought the decreased arterial pressure distal to the stenosis. Combination of nonenhanced 3D images obtained using flow-spoiled FBI and non-contrast-enhanced MRDSA allows not only studying morphology of the vessels but flow dynamic information in patients with arterial diseases.