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Abstract #1954

A CE-MRI study assssing the uptake of Gd-DTPA and the stability of atheromatous tissue within the carotid arteries

Abbott C, Radjenovic A, Chapman Y, Rhodes L, Dellagrammaticas D, Tanner S, Gough M, Ridgway J
Leeds General Infirmary

Inflammation is thought to be a factor associated with plaque instability. Contrast enhanced MRI (CE-MRI) has the potential to detect inflammation and may therefore be capable of identifying patients at risk of thromboembolic complications arising from plaque disruption. This study has compared CE-MRI measurements of atheromatous plaques with histological assessment of plaque stability. The results show relatively high levels of enhancement within the unstable carotid plaque indicating that the CE-MRI technique may be of use in non-invasive patient studies assessing plaque stability.