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Abstract #1958

Reduction of Bolus Profile Artifacts in High Resolution Contrast-Enhanced MR Angiography Using CENTRA and SENSE

Wilson G, Maki J
Philips Medical Systems

Randomly segmented central k-space ordering (CENTRA) has been proposed as a method to reduce ringing artifacts in high resolution 3D CE-MRA. CENTRA acquires the central portion of ky-kz space in random order, then acquires the periphery in elliptical centric order. This study uses a computer simulation to evaluate CENTRA encoding for reduction of ringing artifacts in high resolution 3D CE-MRA. Results showed CENTRA effectively reduced arterial ringing in clinically relevant simulations. The tradeoffs appeared to be increased mottled noise and increased likelihood of venous enhancement, thus limiting the duration of the central window to 4-6 sec in practice.