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Abstract #1978

In vivo 2D mapping of cardiac high energy phosphates in the mouse

Flgel U, Jacoby C, Gdecke A, Schrader J
Universittsklinikum Dsseldorf, Heinrich-Heine-Universitt

This study was aimed at developing a protocol for an integrated energetic and functional characterization of transgenic mouse models with cardiomyopathies. Using acquisition-weighted 2D 31P CSI at a field strength of 9.4 T, we were able to acquire spectra from the left ventricle of good quality within a reasonable acquisition time of about 75 min. The obtained data were validated against perchloric acid extracts of the same hearts. Analysis of a transgenic mouse line which has been shown to develop signs of heart failure revealed that cardiac dysfunction was accompanied by an impaired energy homeostasis over the entire left ventricle.