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Abstract #1990

Magnetic Resonance Microscopy of a Glioma Spheriod in a Collagen I Matrix

Vader D, Huang S, Rosen B, Weitz D, Dai G, Deisboeck T
Harvard University

Glioblastoma multiform (GBM) is a highly invasive primary brain tumor with high incidence. It has been an active research area to understand how this tumor cell invades its microenvironment. We have previously employed Glioma multicellular tumor spheroid (MTS) model to investigate the dynamic expansion of tumor cells in a collagen I matrix using light and fluoresce microscopy. However, studies that can utilize the current clinical relevant tools are more desirable. Here we show that it is feasible to use Magnetic Resonant Microscopy (MRM) to study the tumor cell invasion using the same model system.