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Abstract #2002

A Modified Golgi Impregnation method for In Vitro MR Microscopy

Jacobs R, Zhang X
California Institute of Technology

The Golgi Black Reaction stains a small eclectic, random, population of neuron. Pretreatment with the powerful oxidant potassium dichromate hardens the tissue, subsequent development with silver nitrate results in black deposits delineating neural cells. Contrast in MRI arises from physio-chemical heterogeniety modulating concentration and relaxation characteristics of water in tissue. Pretreatment with K2(Cr2O7) with or without ProHance yields neuroanatomical contrast that is dramatically improved compared to conventional fixation. Seven distinct layers in the hippocampus of treated mouse brains are easily identified. Enhanced or different contrast leads to better definition of anatomical features and should facilitate identification of abnormalities.