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Abstract #2016

Spatial-Spectral Holographic Interpretation of High Field MR Imaging : Analysis, Implications and Experiments at 7T

Kiruluta A
MGH, Harvard University

The 3D NMR imaging equation can expressed as a spatial-spectral holographic formulation similar to that in quantum optics. This interpretation arises naturally in NMR from the inhomogeneous linewidth broadening due to either a set of linear orthogonal gradients fields or from chemical anisotropy. We can thus think of NMR k-space as a spatial-spectral holographic grating. The spatial holographic component arises from dielectric effects at high field strength (>4T) when the excitation wavelength is less than or commensurate with the size of the imaging sample. In this work, holographic properties of storage, time-reversal, recognition and triple correlations are experimentally demonstrated.