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Abstract #2054

Improving Patient Monitoring during Magnetic Resonance Imaging: Real-time Restoration and Analysis of the Electrocardiogram

Odille F, Vuissoz P, Kraemer M, Schmid J, Felblinger J, Pasquier C, Abcherli R, Leber R, Hornaff S

The ECG used for patient monitoring during MRI unfortunately suffers from severe artefacts. We applied filters based on the Linear and Time-Invariant system for the offline and online suppression of the remaining superimposed artefacts during worst case scenarios. We studied and analysed the suppression performances of these algorithms. We Wiener filtering (reference annotations) and the LMS filter (online suppression) to measure real-time analysis performance of the ECG acquired during MRI. An significant improvement of the arrhythmia module performance was found enabling reliable patient monitoring and MRI synchronization.