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Abstract #2079

Cortical disorganization in Brodmann areas 9, 46 and 32 in schizophrenia: Evidence from Brodmann-based MRI morphometry.

Diwadkar V, Keshavan M, Fedorov S, Montrose D, Nutche J, El-Sheikh R
Wayne State University School of Medicine, University of Pittsburgh School of Medicine

We present preliminary evidence of a methodology to assess cortical integrity in schizophrenia in Brodmann regions estimated from MRI images. The locations of Brodmann regions 9 & 46 (prefrontal cortex) and 32 (anterior cingulate) were estimated using a Brodmann-Talairach atlas. These regional definitions were used to extract gray and white matter volume from normalized and volume-modulated MRI images of young first-episode schizophrenia and healthy control subjects. Compared to controls, patients showed reductions in the ratio of gray to white volume. The results provide support for this approach of assessing cortical organization in schizophrenia by estimating Brodmann regions in vivo.