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Abstract #2092

fMRI in Patients with Brain Tumors: Descriptive Serial Cases of Cognitive Function in Pre and Post Surgical Conditions

Aguilar E, Sosa A, Gomez LLata S, Rojas P, Becerril K, De Iturbe M, Paz J, Salgado P, Garcia U, Pasaye E, Barrios F
Instituto Nacional de Neurologa y Neurociruga ""MVS"

fMRI is used in planning surgical interventions in patients with brain tumors in order to achieve a maximal tumor resection with minimal disruption. We measured the physical ability, cognitive function and fMRI activation of five patients with brain tumors in different regions in pre and post-surgical conditions. Physical and cognitive abilities were conserved or improved after surgery in most cases, and pre and post surgical fMRI studies showed activation in different localizations of the same eloquent areas involved in the task. fMRI can serve as a guidance to preserve not only the patients physical ability, but also his/her cognitive functioning.