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Abstract #2111

Corpus Callosum Partitioning Schemes and Their Effect on Callosal Morphometry

Ryberg C, Fazekas F, Stegmann M, Sjstrand K, Barkhof F, Waldemar G, Rostrup E
Memory Disorders Research Unit

Corpus Callosum (CC) is the main fiber tract connecting the two brain hemispheres. The lack of evident landmarks that delimit anatomical and functionally distinct callosal regions has spawned several geometric partitioning schemes to subdivide the CC into regions. The aim of this work was to investigate the statistical impact of six common partitioning schemes for regional analysis of CC in 569 elderly subjects. Irrespective of the method used, CC atrophy was associated with impaired global cognitive and motor function. However, the pattern of associations between CC areas and clinical and functional data depends on the partitioning scheme used.