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Abstract #2113

Pattern of Hemodynamic Impairment in Multiple Sclerosis: Dynamic Susceptibility Contrast Perfusion MRI at 3 T

Adhya S, Johnson G, Herbert J, Babb J, Jaggi H, Grossman R, Inglese M
New York University

Dynamic susceptibility contrast (DSC) perfusion MR is able to characterize cerebral hemodynamics in patients with stroke and brain tumors. Although it has long been known that inflammation associated with vascular occlusion and fibrin deposition occurs prior to demyelination, it has only recently been suggested to contribute to disease progression in Multiple sclerosis (MS). Using DSC perfusion MRI, we detect lower level of cerebral blood flow (CBF) and volume (CBV) in the NAWM of patients with primary progressive (PP) and relapsing-remitting (RR-MS). CBF and CBV correlated with the expanded disability status scale (EDSS) score.