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Abstract #2115

Minocycline Impedes the Evolution of Gd-enhancing Lesions into Black Holes in Patients with Multiple Sclerosis

Zhang y, Metz L, Yong V, Mitchell J
University of Calgary

The impact of minocycline on the evolution of Gd-enhancing lesions into black holes was assessed in 10 multiple sclerosis (MS) patients over 3 years. None of the new Gd-enhancing lesions (3/12) in this sample became black holes. 4/9 old Gd-enhancing T1-hypointense lesions never developed black holes. Importantly, two old Gd-enhancing lesions showing hypointense T1 changed to normal appearing white matter on months 6 and 36 respectively after the commencement of treatment. This study indicates that minocycline may be beneficial in preventing the accumulation of severe tissue damage in MS.