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Abstract #2133

Quantitative MRI of cerebral blood flow in the non-human primate

Greenberg P, Dubowitz D, Perthen J, Quijada A
University of California San Diego

Macaque monkeys are routinely used as a model for studying human neurophysiology. To use macaques to address neurovascular coupling, we need to define cerebral blood flow, blood volume and oxygen metabolism changes in the macaque brain following neuronal activation. In this study we optimized arterial spin labeling for macaque hemodynamics. We quantified resting CBF (44 ml/100mg/min) and CBF change to a CO2 stimulus (38%). We also optimized VASO to measure CBV changes (-2%). These data provide the first quantitative measures of CBF in macaques, and form a basis for further studies of the neurovasuclar relationship in primates.