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Abstract #2154

Respiratory Self-Gated 4D Coronary MRA with UNFOLD

Larson A, Bi X, Li D, Ge L, Lai P, Park J
Northwestern University

Because of the need for high temporal and spatial resolution, the major challenge for 4D coronary MRA is to increase imaging speed. Temporal filtering of modulated undersampling artifacts may permit additional complimentary acceleration possibilities for 4D coronary MRA. In this work, we investigated the feasibility of using temporal filtering (UNFOLD) to permit accelerated undersampled data acquisition for 4D coronary MRA. Full k-space datasets of six healthy volunteers were obtained and then undersampled in the phase-encoding direction (factor of 2) to simulate a shorter scan time. The acquisition time was reduced by half while maintaining the image quality. The UNFOLD temporal filtering strategy is feasible to increase data acquisition speed during free-breathing 4D coronary MRA.