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Abstract #2173

High-resolution carotid MRA and plaque MRI at 3T: Initial clinical experience and validation of semi-automated plaque characterization

DeMarco K, Henderson G, Zhu D, Hammond C, Yuan C, Kerwin W, Yarnykh V, Ross W
Michigan State University

High resolution carotid contrast-enhanced MRA and in vivo carotid plaque MRI at 3T has been performed in 24 patients to date. Multi-contrast carotid plaque images could be interpreted in vast majority of patients making it reasonable for clinical use. Plaque characterization at 3T by semi-automated program (Pathway MRI, Inc) has been compared with manual segmentation and validation by comparison with histological evaluation of endarterectomy specimens is on-going. High resolution MRA/MRI helped confirm the degree of stenosis and demonstrated a remarkable amount of complex plaque morphology that was not expected on duplex ultrasound. This has changed patient management in some cases.