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Abstract #2180

Non Invasive MRI vessel wall evaluation in asymtomatic patients: Comparison of three MRI based parameters in aorta and common carotid arteries

Weinshelbaum K, Aguiar S, Postley J, Mani V, Taniguchi H, Reiber J, Fayad Z, Samber D, Bondar E, van der Geest R
Mount Sinai School of Medicine

Different quantitative parameters have been used for non-invasive MRI evaluation of arterial vessel walls to monitor sub-clinical disease, but their reliability in large analyses has yet to be determined. In this study, we compare variation in measurement of three parameters in a large data set. Three parameters, average wall area, average wall thickness and average ratio of wall area/ total vessel area, atherosclerotic disease index (ADI) were calculated. Analysis showed that the ADI had the lowest coefficient of variation in the data for both aorta and carotid arteries. ADI can be used as a reliable parameter for evaluating vessel walls.