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Abstract #2196

Comparison of a Recently Developed 3D SPGR Breath-hold Examination for Abdominal MR Imaging and 2D fast SPGR Breath-hold Equivalent for Image Characteristics

Masui T, Katayama M, Sugiyama M, Seo H, Sato K, Nozaki A, Hirano M
Seirei Hamamatsu General Hospital

A recently developed MR imaging sequence denominated liver acquisition with volume acceleration (LAVA) is a 3D SPGR sequence, which enables entire liver imaging within 20 seconds of breath-hold times. We applied the 3D LAVA images to pancreaticobiliary diseases and compared them with the 2D fast SPGR (FSPGR) images. The 3D LAVA images have higher SIRs than the 2D FSPGR images, and the 3D LAVA images can demonstrate pancreas lesion comparable to the 2D FSPGR images. Postcontrast 3D LAVA images can reduce intravascular artifacts. The use of thin-section MR imaging with the 3D LAVA sequences may replace the 2D FSPGR sequences.