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Abstract #2210

Inferior Vena Cava Encirclement by Caudate Lobe Hypertrophy: Evaluation by MRI and CT and its impact on Caval Preservation During Orthotopic Liver Transplantation

Kayler L, Mehta R, Mitchell D, Parker L
Thomas Jefferson University Hospital

Preservation of the recipient IVC is preferred over IVC resection during liver transplantation at most centers due to reduced fluid resuscitation requirements, maintenance of core body temperature, and improved hemodynamic stability. Complete encirclement of the IVC by hepatic parenchyma may cause difficulty in preserving an intact IVC, a problem often encountered intraoperatively, and of particular relevance in the case of a living liver donor, in which case the IVC must be preserved. Routine preoperative assessment of this phenomenon using MRI or CT may be helpful in identifying patients in whom IVC preservation will be difficult, and help plan operative technique