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Abstract #2218

Visualization of seminiferous tubules by high resolution MR imaging in rat testes: the usefulness in the evaluation of spermatogenic activities

Mitsumori F, Takaya N, Watanabe H, Minami M, Yamaguchi M
National Institute for Environmental Studies

To determine whether high resolution MRI aids in evaluating the status of spermatogenesis in vivo, MR findings in the rat testes with normal spermatogenesis and with artificially impaired spermatogenesis were compared. T2 weighted images successfully demonstrated both normal and damaged seminiferous tubules, and depicted the reduction in their outer diameter in the latter, reflecting the decreased number of germ cells in the seminiferous epithelium and the decreased amount of seminiferous tubular fluid. High resolution MRI is promising for the evaluation of the status of spermatogenesis in vivo via detecting the changes in appearances of the seminiferous tubules.