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Abstract #2226

Clinical Significance of Diffusion Weighted Image in Staging Esophageal Cancer

Takahara T, Sakurada A, Yamashita T, Nasu S, Cauteren M, Imai Y, Horie T
Tokai Univ. School of Medicine

The purpose is to investigate the detestability of esophageal cancer and lymph node metastases with diffusion weighted image, in comparison with surgical results. For depiction of primary tumor, the sensitivity was 54.2%, 50.0% and 71.4% for reader A, B and C, respectively. Lymph node group-based sensitivity was 51.5%, 36.4%, 30.3% and specificity was 91.1%, 93.4%, 95.9% for reader A, B and C, respectively. Detectability of esophageal cancer and its metastases in lymph nodes were comparative to those of FDG-PET scan in literature. There were no significant differences in ADC value obtained using this method between metastatic and non- metastatic node groups.