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Abstract #2253

Dynamic metabolic changes in liver and muscle tissue under glucose administration detected by 31P MRS

Wokrina T, Ende G, Ulrich M, Kopf D, Gilles M
Central Institute of Mental Health

Consequences from the metabolic syndrome and type-2 diabetes like weight gain and dyslipidemia are often assigned to insuline resistance. The goal of this study was to show that phosphorous MRS is capable of measuring dynamic changes in metabolite concentrations under glucose administration and to determine which tissue types are mainly involved in the glucose oxidation. Under glucose administration, we found a significant increase of Pi/&[gamma]-ATP and PME/&[gamma]-ATP metabolite ratios in liver tissue and an increase of the ratio Pi/PCr in calf muscle tissue. The energy cost of glycogen storage buildup in the calf muscle tissue might be brought up by the use of PCr.