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Abstract #2261

The Usefulness of In Vitro Proton MR Spectroscopy for Characterizing and Differentiating Abdominal Body Fluids

Shin S, Kim H, Jeong G, Kang H
Chonnam National University Medical School, Chonnam National University Hospital

Computed tomography(CT) is presently the premier imaging modality for evaluating patients with ascites because of its excellent spatial resolution and ability of enhancing small differences in tissue density, giving an accurate determination of the location and extent of fluid collections. However, its ability to characterize the nature of different types of fluid such as abscess, bile, serosanguinous ascites, malignant ascites, chyle is limited. We assessed the in vitro MRS at 1.5 Tesla to obtain some valuable information on discrimination and characterization of various abdominal fluids.