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Abstract #2275

Single breath-hold T1 measurements using segmented inversion recovery prepared TrueFISP sequence at 3 T

Bokacheva L, Huang A, Rusinek H, Chen Q, Lee V, An J, Oesingmann N
New York University School of Medicine

Estimates of T1 relaxation times within a breath-hold are particularly desirable for various applications, including dynamic contrast-enhanced perfusion imaging. Segmented inversion recovery prepared TrueFISP (sIR-TrueFISP) sequence was used to create abdominal T1 maps in the abdomen within one 20 s breath-hold. Abdominal scans with 10 degree sIR-TrueFISP sequence were acquired on 3 T Magnetom TIM Trio system. T1-maps of the axial slices were constructing by fitting the images pixel by pixel. Resulting T1 values for abdominal tissues are in agreement with the conventional inversion recovery method and published results.