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Abstract #2286

Detection and its clinical significance of thoracic duct using MRCP sequence at 3.0 Tesla

Yu D, Li C, Wang Q, Zhang X, Xiu J
Qilu Hospital of Shandon University

Our aim is to detect the dimensions of the thoracic duct with MRCP protocol and to probe the potential morphological changes caused by some disorders. Three MRCP were performed in a total of 139 patients, and the thoracic duct was shown in 69.78%.Most configuration of the cisterna chyli was tubular or saccular. The mean longitudinal, anteroposterior and transverse diameters of the cisterna chyli were 26.0410.45 mm, 5.082.08 mm, and 5.022.13 mm respectively. The anteroposterior and transverse diameters of the thoracic duct were 3.080.44 mm and 3.580.13 mm in control group. The portal hypertension may influence the dimension of thoracic duct.