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Abstract #2294

Insulin resistance, not obesity determines fatty liver in obese children

Klingler A, Waldhaeusl W, Widhalm K, Weghuber D, Bischof M, Gruber S, Roden M, Franz C, Chmelik M, Torabia S
Assign Data Management and Biostatistics

Pediatricians face an uprise in the prevalence of childhood obesity and comorbidities, including insulin resistance, and NAFLD. The underlying mechanisms related to the changes in insulin sensitivity (IS) are poorly understood. The present study examined the association of liver fat deposition with IS in obese children. Intrahepatocellular lipids (HCL) of 26 obese children were assessed by MRS: 1H SVS. Insulin sensitivity was estimated by the WBISI. Obese insulin resistant children had significantly higher HCL than their insulin sensitive counterparts. HCL correlated negatively with WBISI after adjustment for BMI. Therefore, insulin resistance, not obesity determines fatty liver in obese children.