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Abstract #2309

Assessment of the Treatment Response of Uterine Cancer using Double-Echo Dynamic Perfusion-weighted MRI

Kosaka N, Matsuda T, Ishimori Y, Itoh H, Kurokawa T, Uematsu H, Kimura H
University of Fukui

We hypothesized that perfusion-weighted MRI (PWI) could be used to assess the treatment response of uterine cancer. PWI was performed on 6 patients before and after chemotherapy. The relative tumor blood volume (rBV) was calculated in accordance with a first-pass compartment model. After chemotherapy, rBVs significantly decreased in all cases (p<0.05). The reduction rate of rBV and reduction rate of tumor size showed significant correlation (p<0.05). Our results suggest that the reduction rate of rBV can be used as a quantitative index for evaluating the effectiveness of therapy in uterine cancer.