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Abstract #2311

Magnetic Resonance Imaging characterization of uterine leiomyomata of African American women demonstrate an overall greater number of smaller uterine leiomyomata

Suzuki A, Fennessy F, Zou K, Tempany C
Brigham and Women's hospital

Uterine leiomyomata represent the most common gynecologic tumors. African American women (AA women) are more likely to have leiomyomata. This study is to examine imaging characteristics of leiomyomata in AA women, and compare them to those of their Caucasian counterparts. Study included 31 AA women (422 leiomyomata) and 42 non-AA women (185 leiomyomata). AA women have a greater number of leiomyomata (13.6 SD ) 2.8) per person in comparison to Caucasian women (4.4 SD ) 5.9) (p=0.001). Submucosal and intramural leiomyomata of AA women are significantly smaller in size (p<0.001). These findings may help guide clinicians in determining treatment options.