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Abstract #2411

Binomial Pulse Suppression to Reduce Ghosting Artifacts in Transient-State bSSFP Imaging

Chen C, Chung H, Chuang T, Huang T, Huang Y
Tri-Service General Hospital and National Defense Medical Center

Magnetization-prepared transient-state balanced steady-state free precession (TS-bSSFP) images require a good stabilization method to reduce image artifacts due to initial signal oscillations at various off-resonance conditions. However, it is not possible to inhibit signal oscillations near 180 SSFP angles without an inevitable reduction of contrast we have prepared using just a train of a few RF. We present a method using a binomial composite RF pulse with spoilers to reduce ghosting of this kind, in front of some stabilization method, e.g. Kaiser-Bessel window. Such binomial scheme seemed to be effective in our preliminary results of phantom studies.