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Abstract #2413

Modified T2-TIDE Sequence: A Preliminary Result

Huang T, Chung H, Chen C, Huang Y
National Taiwan University of Science And Technology

Transition into driven equilibrium (TIDE) has less banding artifacts than half-angle-half-TR (HAHT) TrueFISP, and is not as blurred as in HASTE with also less SAR. For variable pure T2-weighted contrast, T2-TrueFISP is done by driven equilibrium (DE) HAHT preparation, while T2-TIDE is TIDE with more 180X refocusing RF. We modified the T2-TIDE sequence presented by Paul et al. in ISMRM 2005 and obtained images somewhat different from theirs. We also compared T2-TrueFISP of comparable TE in DE preparation and conventional steady-state TrueFISP (SS-TrueFISP / SS-bSSFP). In conclusion, T2-TIDE is a better choice than T2-TrueFISP for fast T2WI in clinical setting.