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Abstract #2424

Single-Shot 3D Gradient and Stimulated Echo Imaging

Finsterbusch J, Koch M, Weber-Fahr W
University Medical Center Eppendorf, University Medical Centers Hamburg-Kiel-Lbeck

An extension of 2D gradient and stimulated echo (GRASTE) imaging ispresented that is capable of acquiring a 3D volume within a singlesub-second acquisition. Within a readout echo train consisting of astimulated and several gradient echoes, all echoes share the same 2Dphase encoding but are differently phase-encoded in 3D direction,Thereby all required 3D phase-encoding steps were covered within areadout interval, i.e. the number of echoes was equal to the number ofacquired sections in the slab. Applications to healthy volunteers at3T are presented and demonstrate the feasibility of single-shot 3DGRASTE.