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Abstract #2463

Pseudo-Cartesian GRAPPA Reconstruction of Undersampled Non-Cartesian Data

Seiberlich N, Griswold M, Jakob P, Breuer F, Blaimer M, Heidemann R
University of Wuerzburg

The GRAPPA reconstruction of undersampled non-Cartesian data involves two steps: reconstruction of the missing data points, and resampling of the non-Cartesian data onto a Cartesian grid. In all previous work, the reconstruction was performed first, followed by regridding of the then complete k-space data. In this abstract, we propose first regridding of the undersampled data, and then performing a Cartesian GRAPPA reconstruction to arrive at a fully-sampled k-space. This method is advantageous because it allows one to reconstruct arbitrary sampled data with the standard Cartesian GRAPPA procedure, without the need for specialized non-Cartesian GRAPPA reconstruction techniques.