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Abstract #2507

Comparison of Global T2 Values and Globus Pallidal T1-weighted Signal Changes in Sub-Clinical Hepatic Encephalopathy

Sawale B, Kumar R, Thomas A, Han S, Huda A
UCLA School of Medicine

T2 values and T1 signal changes in globus pallidus (GP) were calculated in seven patients with sub-clinical hepatic encephalopathy (HE) and 12 controls; whole brain of HE patients were also assessed using T2 relaxometry. Proton density and T2-weighted, and T1-weighted images were collected using a 1.5T MRI scanner. We observed 22.8% increase of T1-weighted signal intensities in the GP region of HE patients, however, T2 values showed a declining trend. Other regions showed increased T2 relaxation values in patients compared to control subjects. Signal increase in GP regions of HE patients and changes in hemispheric T2 values are the major outcome.