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Abstract #2532

Quantitative proton MRSI of the human cervical spine at 3.0 Tesla.

Bonekamp D, Edden R, Barker P
Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine

1D-MRSI of the human cervical spine and medulla oblongata was performed at 3T using a 2 channel flexible surface coil array. The spine water signal was used as an internal intensity reference for metabolite concentration quantification. An optimized protocol was used to minimize the chemical shift artifact associated with slice selection. Ratios were determined: NAA/Cho=2.32&[plusmn]1.15, NAA/Cr=2.81&[plusmn]1.36 and Cho/Cr=1.26&[plusmn]0.42. Quantification of spectra yielded concentrations: NAA=10.20&[plusmn]7.30, Cr=6.37&[plusmn]4.99 and Cho=1.90&[plusmn]1.30 mmol/kg wet weight. The measured metabolite concentrations are similar to those previously reported in brain in the literature, but are somewhat lower than those reported in the previous SV study of the cervical spine.