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Abstract #2534

Assessment of HR-MAS NMR Prostate Biopsy Tissue Spectra with Principal Component Analysis and Metabolite Quantification

DiCamillo P, Swanson M, Kurhanewicz J, Nelson S
University of California, University of California

Spectroscopic analysis of tissue samples from transrectal prostate punch biopsies provide a particular challenge due to the inherent tissue heterogeneity, contamination by blood and lipids, and small sample size. Automated and objective approaches to analyze this spectroscopic data and assess patient prognosis are desirable. The application of principal component analysis to high field (11.74T) high resolution magic angle spinning (HR-MAS) prostate biopsy tissue spectra is described and compared to LCModel quantification. The non-destructive nature of HR-MAS allows histological evaluation of the same tissue specimens. These techniques are used to survey prostate biopsy tissue and report on the characteristics of these tissues at high field.