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Abstract #2536

Vitamin C concentration measured in the human brain in vivo using LCModel analysis of fully resolved 1H edited spectroscopy at 7 Tesla

Terpstra M
University of MN

Since Vitamin C (ascorbate) is an important brain antioxidant, in vivo detection could be used to study its role in protection against oxidative stress. In order to increase the sensitivity and specificity of ascorbate detection relative to that initially reported at 4 T, editing was implemented 7 T. The ascorbate concentration measured at 7 T from a 3-fold smaller region of interest, 1.3 0.2 mol/g (mean SD, n=8) with a smaller average CRLB (7 %) was in excellent agreement with that previously measured at 4 T, 1.3 0.3 mol/g (mean SD, n=4), average CRLB 9 %.