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Abstract #2546

Fast Metabolic Imaging of Systems with Sparse Spectra: Application for Hyperpolarized 13C Imaging

Mayer D, Spielman D, Levin Y, Glover G, Hurd R
Stanford University

A fast spiral chemical shift imaging sequence has been developed for application in hyperpolarized 13C imaging. The sequence exploits sparse spectra and prior knowledge of resonance frequencies to reduce the measurement time by undersampling the data in the spectral domain. Multiple data sets having only frequency components within a certain bandwidth are reconstructed in-focus while others are severely blurred (spectral tomosynthesis). The sequence was tested at 3 T on a phantom containing approximately 1.5-M solutions of alanine, lactate, and pyruvate-pyruvate hydrate C1-C2 ester at thermal equilibrium polarization, all enriched to 99% 13C in the C1 carbonyl positions.