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Abstract #2578

A 32 Channel Cardiac Array Optimized for Parallel Imaging

Lanz T, Kellman P, Greiser A, Nittka M, Griswold M
Rapid Biomedical GmbH

In this abstract we present a 32 channel cardiac array which is optimized for parallel imaging of the human heart. The coil array consists of 32 equivalent single coil elements which are distributed equally in an flexible anterior half and a rigid posterior half. In vivo 2D TSENSE experiments were performed up to accelerations of 6 and 3D TSENSE up to 8. At 8x, the mean g-factor was 2.2 with 90% of the voxels having a g less than 3.0. These high reduction factors have the potential to allow real-time 2D imaging, or short breathhold 3D imaging.