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Abstract #2585

Multipurpose 4+4 Channel Array Setup for Parallel Imaging in 3D

Gareis D, Griswold M, Jakob P, Breuer F, Behr V
University of Wrzburg

Aim of this work was to develop a pair of 4-channel proton coil-arrays operating at 1.5T for multipurpose applications feasible for different small regions of the human body.A positioning system with rotary hinges was built, ensuring the fixed parallel orientation of the two coil planes.Encoding in one dimension using PPA acceleration factors of R=2-4 resulted in high-quality imagesFor 3D imaging and data reduction in two phase encoding directions factors R=6-8 are expected to provide reasonable image quality. Applications for the 4+4 channel system are high resolution imaging of wrist, knee, elbow, pediatric heart, ankle, ear or carotids.