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Abstract #2588

A Transceive Surface Coil Array for MRI of the Human Prostate at 4 T

Pinkerton R, Near J, Barberi E, Menon R, Bartha R
University of Western Ontario, Imaging Research Labs, Robarts Research Institute

A novel torso transceive surface coil array for prostate magnetic resonance imaging and spectroscopy at 4T is presented. It is shown that a conformal transceive surface coil array that uses 50&[Omega] transmitter amplifiers and receiver preamplifiers is capable of whole volume torso imaging while maintaining the high signal-to-noise ratio (SNR) inherent to surface coil designs. Through implementation of field focusing techniques, a 2-fold increase in SNR and improved homogeneity is shown in the prostate compared to a conventional circularly polarized driving scheme. This novel transceive surface coil array for volume imaging of the human torso at 4T is experimentally demonstrated.