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Abstract #2593

3T Prostate Coils for 1H and 31P MR Spectroscopic Imaging

Tropp J, Vigneron D, Kurhanewicz J, Bruce N, Jimenez B, Karpodinis K, Carvajal L, Chen A
General Electric Medical Systems

Synopsis: High field 3T clinical MR scanners offer the potential of greatly improving prostate MR imaging and spectroscopic imaging but are limited by the lack of FDA-approved endorectal coils. Also, prototype air-filled endorectal coils demonstrate substantial magnetic susceptibility artifacts at 3T. In addition, the higher SNR at 3T offers the potential of human 31P MRSI which could greatly improve the metabolic assessment of prostate cancer. In this study, new endorectal coils were designed and constructed for prostate MRI and both 1H and 31P MRSI to provide high sensitivity with minimal susceptibility artifacts.