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Abstract #2599

Implantable Multiple-Frequency Inductively-Coupled Coil System for in vivo MR Imaging and Spectroscopy of Bioartificial Pancreas at 11.1 T

Volland N, Mareci T, Taylor C, Constantinidis I
University of Florida

Introduction: Development of an implantable multiple-frequency inductively-coupled coil system for non-invasive in vivo monitoring of a bioartificial pancreas is discussed. Methods: System (internal coil inductively coupled to external coil) was developed for imaging and spectroscopy at 11.1T. Further optimizations were pursued to make the system receive-only. Results: System has a match of -12.8dB at 190.5MHz and -16.0dB at 470.7MHz. Receive-only system also gave more uniform image of sample compared to transmit/receive system. Conclusions: The multiple-frequency implantable inductively coupled coil system was successfully constructed to resonate at both frequencies. The receive-only system shows further improvement over the transmit/receive system.