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Abstract #2604

In-Vivo Multiple Mouse MRI using Parallel Receive-Only Coils on a 3.0 T Clinical Scanner for Molecular Imaging Research

Bernardo M, Metzger G, Kobayashi H, Koyama Y, Shaw C, Choyke P, Thomasson D
SAIC-Frederick, National Cancer Institute

Parallel receive-only coils with modified Alderman-Grant resonator elements for multiple mouse MRI of two and four mice were constructed for plug-in use on a clinical 3.0 T scanner. It incorporates a multiple animal support system for gas anesthesia, heat, physiologic monitor, and contrast injector designed without using conducting wires to avoid RF interference and heating. Incomplete isolation between the unshielded coil elements requires SENSE or a reduction in NSA to maintain the same scan time as in the single mouse. The performance of the coil and support system was measured on phantoms and demonstrated in a simultaneous in-vivo dynamic MRA of two mice during IV injection of two types of Gd-dendrimer agents.